Into the Wilds!

See the Character Creation rules. Everything else is currently in planning. We, as a group, need to come to a consensus on a few important things.

  • When do we meet? Currently, we’re targeting every other Sunday, potentially starting on the 30th of August, 2015. We’re all busy adults, though, so we’ll need to coordinate schedules ahead of time.

    Additionally, what time do we meet?
  • How do we want to handle absences? Again, we’re all adults, and through the wiki, we should be able to keep everyone up-to-date. That said, if we’re potentially coming to the table with half attendance (or less), we should probably reschedule.
  • How do we want to handle House Rules at the table? We’re coming from at least three different primary tables and expectations.
  • Do we want to handle experience points, or do we want to simply level up upon hitting certain milestones?

Rogarvian Wilds

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